Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So what DO secretaries want?

A good place to start is to know precisely what we want to get from our jobs.

What do we secretaries really want?

Has anyone ever asked us before?

I doubt it.

Have we ever stopped to think about it ourselves?

Most likely not.

We spend lots of time thinking and talking about what we DON'T want. But how much time do we spend considering what would make our working lives and home lives better?

We're intelligent people - our bosses rely on us to make their lives run more smoothly. Isn't it time we started to consider what would make our own lives run more smoothly?

Six years ago I qualified as a life coach. I have access to some resources which I believe can help us to make our working lives more enjoyable - after all we spend a large part of our lives at work .

So - what are the biggest problems you face every day?

Pass the word on to any other secretaries you know. Let's get a discussion going here and see where it takes us ...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Everything changes ...

Most of my working life has been spent as a secretary. Medical, legal. Full time, part time. Permanent, temporary. All fascinating.

I've seen a lot of change in the workplace. Learned keyboard skills on a manual typewriter. Did shorthand. Now it's digital dictation, document management systems, email, and so on.

Way back then secretaries were told "if you can type, you'll never be out of a job". Is that still true?

One thing's for sure - keyboard skills are a part of the modern world, so we have a distinct advantage over many people.

But the workplace is evolving. There's more change to come. Technological advances mean fewer people are needed in the office.

What does the future hold for secretaries then?

I believe we need to evolve too.

It's no longer enough to be able to type accurately & fast, to take messages, to answer the phone.

We need a new set of skills if we're going to survive.

We need to stay one step ahead of the game.

That's what this blog is about.